My goal is to ensure that you receive the best results from your treatment. To achieve the best results, your skin must be healthy, strong, and non-irritated.

Unfortunately, not all clients are good candidates for permanent makeup due to their compromised skin condition or pre-existing medical conditions.

If you have any of the below conditions, you will not retain color well and will not be a good candidate for the permanent makeup procedure.


Ingrown hairs and open bumps on eyebrow-injured skin cannot be tattooed

Eczema (Constant flaking/itching/irritation/shedding of skin)- skin is not healthy

Psoriasis (Constant flaking/itching/irritation/shedding of skin)- skin is not healthy

Dermatitis (Constant flaking/itching/irritation/shedding of skin)- skin is not healthy

Rosacea (chronic acne-like skin indicated by redness)- skin bleeds easy and will not retain colour well.

Severely oily skin on eyebrows the hair strokes will appear more blended, solid, or not retain at all.
Large pores on your forehead & in the eyebrow area- color will blur/blend in large pores resulting in a powdered look.

Have moles/raised areas/piercings in or around the brow/eye area anything raised or indented will not retain color
Deep wrinkles in the brow area-the hair strokes will not lay properly in the creases, giving the eyebrows an uneven look
Hair transplant for your eyebrows-color will not take in the scar tissue where the plugs were placed

Shingles-permanent makeup will not be performed as the procedure could cause a flare-up)

Fitzpatrick Skin types 1 (red heads/translucent skin/light eyes)- due to hypersensitivity and thinness, this skin type does not take the color well.

Accutane or Retin-A (acne medication) within the last year- skin composition is altered and will not heal well. Must wait 1 year before treatment
Retinol or Vitamin A user- skin composition is altered and will not heal well. Must discontinue use 1 month prior to treatment
Extremely thin skin- transparent or translucent bleeds easily and cannot hold colort due to its thinness

If you come in with a tan or sunburn- skin is not normal color and is/or damaged
Use of Latisse or any eyelash/eyebrow growth conditioner- skin will be hypersensitive and bleed easily. Use must discontinued for 2 months prior to procedure


Pregnant or nursing(at risk and sensitive due to change in hormones)

Hemophilia (high risk- cannot stop bleeding)

Heart Conditions/Pace Maker/Defibrillator (No exceptions) (high risk)

Body runs hot (increased bleeding which prevents color deposit)

Bleeding disorders (increased bleeding which prevents color deposit)

Thyroid condition and taking medication for this condition (Hypo, Hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s- results in thicker skin)

Auto Immune Disorder such as LUPUS or Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (MS, RA, Lupus or the like)

Due to the medicines to treat these diseases, color will not retain. Also the facial skin is not healthy and is/or bumpy, and the color will not heal evenly)

Trichotillomania(Compulsive pulling of body hair) Due to constant pulling, scar tissue is prominent and color will not heal evenly/properly.

If you are any of these medications, you will have excessive bleeding and the color WILL NOT retain well:

Triflusal (Disgren)
Clopidogrel (Plavix)
Prasugrel (Effient)
Ticagrelor (Brilinta)
Ticlopidine (Ticlid)
Cilostazol (Pletal)
Vorapaxar (Zontivity)
Dipyridamole (Persantine

If you fail to disclose any of the above skin conditions/medical conditions/medications, you will have a poor outcome and further touch-ups to improve the results will be at an additional cost or treatment may be declined by Microblading Lounge.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.