You’ll have access to countless educational videos and downloadable PDFs, from step by step process, to guidance on marketing your business. Set yourself up for success with our Microblading Online Training!

Module 1: Welcome to Microblading Training with Erica

Module 2: Microblading 101

Module 3: Skin 101

Module 4: Microblading Tools & Equipment 

Module 5: Eyebrow Hair Growth

Module 6: Microblading Technique

Module 7: Let’s Talk About Face Shape

Module 8: Color Theory

Module 9: The Six Skin Tones

Module 10: Pricing & Touch Ups

Module 11: Microblading Demos

Module 12: Informing Your Clients

$4999 Plus Tax

$1000 non refundable deposit is required at booking.



1-Day Lash Lift & Brow Lamination

Only $600 + Tax!

Students receive an incredible Kit that includes:

1 x Step One: Lash Lifting Cream

1 x Step Two: Neutralizing Cream 

1 x Step Three: Moisturizing Serum 

1 x Small Silicone Shields 

1 x Medium Silicone Shields 

1 x Large Silicone Shields 

1 x Lash Lifting Adhesive (5ml)

1 x Eyelash Lifting and Separating Tool

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Training Course Content

Section One:

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Overview · What Should You Be Charging For This Service? 

Section Two:

Client Consultation · Consent Forms

Section Three:

Safety Precautions · Sanitization

Section Four:

Products & Supplies

Section Five:

Step By Step Procedure

Section Six:

Troubleshooting & Client Aftercare